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The Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust with reference 17000 first appeared in 1977. During the first year, Rolex did not cerify their brand new 5035 movement at C.O.S.C. and consequently the dials of the very first 17000 watches do not carry the traditional Superlative Chronometer Officialy Certified text. These early 17000 wathes are sometimes referred to as Pre-COSC, Mark I or Three-linersThe last 17000 known to be produced carried a K serial number, dating it to the second half of year 2001.


The 17000 is entirely made in stainless steel with a smooth polished bezel, diagonally brushed lugs and a brushed Oyster bracelet. The reference of the bracelet is actually the same as on the watch istelf, 17000, and the watch was delivered with 13 links. You will find both bracelets with reference 17000 and 17000B stamped on the back, and you will also find bracelets with pins and bracelets with screws. With experience from looking at several 17000 Oysterquartz watches it is sure to say that eventhough the 17000B is a newer version of the 17000 bracelet, it does not mean all 17000B bracelets are fitted with screws.


The pre-COSC dials were only available in silver, blue and black whereas there were numerous COSC dials available. The dials for the 17000 were also compatible with the 17014 but there was only one dial fitted with gems - the slate diamond dial.

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