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Related Rolex models

Rolex FAN prototype, cal. 7065

Rolex experimented with LED watches in the mid 1970s. A handful of prototype wathes with diodes instead of hands were made. Upon the decision not to proceed with the concept, Rolex had all prototypes destroyed.



Rolex Oysterquartz Perpetual Calendar, Datejust and Day-Date prototypes, cal. 5335 and 5355

We have been in direct personal contact with two owners of Datejust and Day-Date Oysterquartz Perpetual Calendar prototypes (one in the United Kingdom and one in Italy). We'll put down some really fascinating info and pictures here during the fall of 2016. Stay tuned.... :)


Rolex Date 1530 and Rolex Datejust 1630, cal. 1570

At the time of the introduction of the Rolex Oysterquartz in 1977, the angular design of the case and bracelet was not new to Rolex. Just a few years before, Rolex had already introduced the 1530 Date and 1630 Datejust.


5100, cal. Beta21.

Introduced June 5, 1970. End of production 1972. Limited edition of 1000 pieces of which 750 in yellow gold and 250 in white gold. The 5100 was the first Rolex with a saphire glass. The earliest examples had a folding clasp on the bracelet with the Rolex crown on the side, while the majority had a more regular hidden folding clasp.


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