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While yellow gold 19018 and white gold 19019 has their automatic equivalents, the Oysterquartz Day-Date 19028 has a design solely seen in the Oysterquartz line. While the 19018 has polished center links in the president bracelet, the 19028 has a pyramid finish with eight pyramids per link. Also the center part on the case where the bracelet meets the case has four pyramids. Rather than having a fluted bezel, the 19028 has a pyramid bezel. When mounted correctly, there shall not be the tip of a pyramid at 12 o'clock, instead it shall be the "valley" between two pyramids at 12 o'clock. 


Any dial available for the 19018 can also be mounted on a 19028. There are also some dials reflecting the pyramid design which are even more suited for the 19028 than the 19018.


The bracelet has the same reference as the watch, 19028, and due to the pyramids a 19028 weighs sligtly more than a 19018 - approximately 160g. 

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