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Introduced together with the Datejust Oysterquartz 17000 and 17013 in year 1977, the Day-Date 19018 was the Oysterquartz equivalent of the classic yellow gold automatic Day-Date 18038. Just like it's automatic cousin, the 19018 is in 18 karat yellow gold, has a brushed and polished president bracelet with consealed clasp and a fluted bezel. The day disc is available in over 20 languages and the date disc is also available with different number variants. Day and date disc is either in gold or white color and shall be selected depending on the dial. And when it comes to dials, a broad spectrum of both classic dials and more experimental dials can be found. One can also find 19018 and other Oysterquartz Day-Date models with a dial ment to be on an automatic Day-Date, indicating that the positioning of the two dial pins on the automatic Day-Date dials are compatible with the 5055 movement.


The 19018 was delivered with a 25 link bracelet carrying the same reference as the watch, 19018. The bracelet is shortened by removing links using a screwdriver. Also the screws are in 18 karat yellow gold. A 19018 with all 25 links attached weighs about 150g.


Among all the Oysterquartz Day-Date variants ever made, the 19018 is without a doubt the most common one.



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